East Mexico

We are going to Mexico, the center of civilizations, where the most important civilizations of the world were lived in the past and that there are still unknown about the living. The most important known civilizations are Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, Totanacs, Teotihuacan. All of them lived in these lands, and they left a serious trace in their subjects such as astronomy, mathematics and physics. Here we go to see what is unnecessary for some of them and to learn about these topics, which are described as general culture intellectual unit.


Mexico, the official name United States of Mexico, south of the United States 130 million inhabitants, 1.973 million sq km area that is larger than once 2.5 from Turkey, 31 states and one federal republic consisting of a total of 32 top administrative units, including the federal district. According to the law adopted in 1917, each state has a free, sovereign congress and constitution.


The capital city of Mexico, Mexico city is one of the most populous cities in the world with its population of 22 million and it is almost in the middle of the country.


In the morning, we came to Cancun with a population of 1 million, one of the most known places on the Yucatan peninsula, the 31st state in the east of Mexico.


This is one of Mexico’s Caribbean coastline, which is lively day and night. Americans have looked at it when it was a residential area that has not been known much in the past, where the weather started to warm in all seasons and it became increasingly popular. Coastal filled with big hotels, Turkey, Antalya Kemer was such a place. It is not possible to swim in the sea because of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, big waves and coral rocks that stretch for miles. The sound and image of the sea is also beautiful.

The weather was hot, close to 30 degrees, two days ago, when it came from 5-6 degrees from Istanbul, it felt very good.When you get off the plane, get off the plane and immediately start the program, fatigue started to feel itself.

Xcaret Park is the thematic area with Mayan ruins that describe past civilizations. First, let’s come to ourselves, we undressed and put on swimsuits, we locked all our assets in lockers, if anything, we stayed here with our frost. We swim in a long underground river, after getting tired, I was cut off, I am turning, there is no exit, the end of the river. Ice, sparkling water. It is very well organized, all activities and times are indicated on the map. The performances are generally in the way of describing the Maya cultures and civilizations of the region. In the evening, everything is great at the forefront, like a dinner summary show describing the Mayan civilization and its cultures.

We’ve been on the road for almost two full days, our brain urgently wants a bed.

We are going to Playa Del Carmen, a wonderful city with 150 thousand inhabitants, on the Caribbean Sea. Night-moving folks are enjoying life in the atmosphere of the party on the streets, it is half of the night, my mind says you go to bed, crawl and say that you hear your heart go and drink a glass of drink. I noticed that after a while I was in bed, sometimes my complaint is very confusing about this mind!


The ancient city of Tulum, which is one of the most architecturally beautiful examples that the Mayans have lived in since the 1200s. It is also known as Zana, which means the city of dawn, as the first lights of the day are always born over the city. When the Spaniards invaded them in 1518, they first gathered and killed the rulers and the notables of the city. Without their rulers, great confusion and rebellion started among the people, and when the Spanish started killing the local people, the settled Mayans fled to the forests. Although Spanish soldiers who are foreign to the region try to follow them in the forest, they were not afraid of wild animals and continued much. The traditions and beliefs of people of Maya origin, who established their own order in different places in forest areas for many years, changed over time and formed different ethnic groups. The Spaniards build a wall around it to control the entrance and exit of the city they occupied so that they take control of the people there. Since Tulum means wall in Maya language, the name of this place started to be called Tulum in time.

Most of them have been destroyed but there are beautiful structures understood from the rest and most of them are positioned according to the sunrise.

Sian Kaan is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage biosphere category. An area of ​​1600 km² with clear, clear water such as wet marshland. We came to the big strait opening to the ocean by passing through the water channels between the mangrove forests connecting the two big lakes. Brilliant water, we jumped from the boats to the water, we let ourselves flow to the water, the sounds of birds on the water like falling leaves, we are flowing slowly between the wild orchids and towards the ocean, all the fatigue is mixed with the water.

We are in Tulum Dream hotel, it is really a dream place. In one of the bars close to the sea in the afternoon, we remove the margarita and mojito and our glasses in the name of all goodness and goodness. We have hardly decided whether to eat French, Spanish, international cuisine or a restaurant with local dishes for dinner! As a result, we ended the night with red wine in the French restaurant. You can stay here long.


Enjoy the morning of the hotel and continue on the road. On our way, we make a short tour in the city of Valladolid. A cute beautiful place in itself, this is one of the important places where cocoa is first noticed and cocoa is grown. When this is the case, we said that there is definitely chocolate and we came across a chocolate factory. Since it is a known place, let’s see if it tastes good, but we exaggerate a little, after all, we left with a sufficient amount of stock so that it would not be a shame after the light chocolate visit. A large city, a square, a clean place with a well-kept church, typical Spanish architecture.

We are in cool waters at Cenote, which is 60-70 meters in diameter and 45 meters deep, 40-50 meters below the ground. The weather was very good, we came to ourselves.

The soil structure of the Yucatan region consists of calcareous and porous limestone rocks. Since thousands of years ago, rainwater has been drained from porous soil and created ponds underground. Over time, the soil weakened by time, earthquake, the meteoric that caused the end of the glacial era collapsed due to the effects of falling down to the Gulf of Mexico, and thousands of new ponds were formed at different depths, some of which were combined with collapsed channels. Some of the tens of thousands of cenotes, which are considered sacred in the Mayan culture and mean “water-filled cave”, are open to visitors today.

It is strictly forbidden to use chemicals in agriculture in the entire Yucatan region, so that it does not get involved in the groundwater and pollute the sea. In this region, the sea is really clean, so big coral riffs have formed. Coral is one of the creatures that definitely does not live when there is some pollution in the seas. So everything here is organic.

The most important visit of the day is one of the seven wonders of the world and one of the largest cities of the Maya, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is also its religious centers Chichen Itza. Kukulkan Temple or Kukulkan Pyramid Maya, known as Kale, are among the most important temples. The Mayans built this pyramid with a certain system, as if to reveal their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics. The total number of 365, with four fronts, with 91 steps on each surface and the upper platform, is the number of days in a year. In the equinox periods when night and day are equal, different surfaces and protrusions on the pyramid, two snakehead shadows are formed at the bottom of the steps with sunlight and represent the sacred feathered snake known as Kukulkan. This is one of the most visited places in Mexico. On the top platform of the Mayan Pyramids, there would be “messenger” messengers who constantly examine the sky in a semi-lying state, waiting for the news from the gods and also gathering information about the solar system and astronomy. The news they brought was regarded as the commandment of God. Can you imagine, being in the half lying in your life, always looking at the sky but being an important person ..

Today it feels as if it is hot, we feel the sun on our top when it is open space

There are many rumors about why this region is called Yucatan. The most realistic of these was written in the letter of Hernan Cortes, who was the head of the Spanish union who first came here, to the Spanish King in 1519, and when they came to this region, the Maya always called ‘Yocatan’ while trying to contact the Maya. This means “nothing is understood” in Maya language. The Spaniards also called this region Yucatán because they heard the same name.

We came to Merida in terms of white city, the capital city of Yukatan. A beautiful clean lively place with a million inhabitants, mostly Mayan origin. It was one of the safest places in Mexico. Due to the majority of the Mayans, they can continue their culture with their clothes and music. Merida, which is the city of art with its art galleries, elegant restaurants and shops, events, is one of the places that receive the most immigration due to the prominence of tourism and trade. This is also the university city, education is very strong in public universities. It educates scientists, especially in the fields of engineering and medicine, from the successful students who are accepted as a result of the basic exams. Those who cannot enter here continue to paid schools.


Uximal, from the settlement of the pre-Columbian Mayans, with the largest Maya pyramid, meaning “three times” in the Yukaketo language. A smaller Mayan city than others, but where the largest pyramid is. Most of the Mayan pyramids have more than one nested pyramid. The newly arrived king would have built a larger pyramid on him to cover the existing pyramid to express that he was stronger and bigger than before. Here, five pyramids are built together, so a really big temple pyramid has emerged. The result is the largest king, the largest, the size complex at that time. The Pyramid of the Kahin (Sorcerer), which is 35 meters high, is a typical Mayan architectural example with its sharp edges. When you cross the pyramid and make applause sound, the reverberated sound is reflected mysteriously in the form of a wiking from the pane that looks like the window in the middle. On the back of the pyramid, in a large courtyard, there is the administration building, which the Spanish call it the “Mother Monastery” because they liken it to the monastery. There are reliefs on the upper walls of this building, symbolizing the rain god Chaac. The natural event that the Mayans feared was drought. During the construction of Uxmal, so many trees have been cut down that due to the trees being cut, the region has decreased in time and drought has started, making the rain god more important. We shouldn’t be angry with the rain god!

In this archaeological area, the Mayans called ‘Pok-ta-Pok’ have a kind of ball field, and the rings they use to score are still in place. In fact, this is not a game, but a way of worship, a feast, and offering a vow to gods. 2 teams of 6 people are trying to pass the ball through the hole, which is perpendicular to the wall, by hitting the ball only with their hips. Big bonus to the captain of the winning team! sacrificed to gods. Look at the work, earn work and then well done, let the journey to the gods begin.

We are in the city of Campeche, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list in the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean coast to the north. The sea changed suddenly, where fish and fish restaurants abound. Houses with different colors in a typical Spanish colonial baroque style, with windows with large iron cages, high ceilings, large doors opening directly to the living room, large iron cages in the thick high walls around the city, made to protect from pirates. Campeche is a very touristic place, where the rich city is known, where there is a lot of oil from the sea and past civilizations.

The name of the hotel you will stay in the evening is Francis Drake. In the 1550s, he was a slave trader and one of the best known pirates in the Caribbean. British-born Francis Drake robbed many merchant ships, carried out massacres, shared the spoils with Britain, and was awarded with a state engagement by Britain for these achievements and became “Sir Francis Drake”. So the guy is making rogue on behalf of England, killing people and stealing their goods, well done, my coach! Are there any changes today, the schemes are the same, wow the flatter. The other hero in history! pirate British Henry Morgan. He also turned the Caribbean into a peeled onion with the support of the British, and was appreciated as “well done coach” by giving the title of “sir”.

Praying the night to Frances Drake’s soul! We spent. Life is such a thing, for some the hero, for some the troubled bandit.


Our way from the long Gulf of Mexico to the south west we go to Palenque, another important city of the Maya. When passing from Yucatan state to Chipas state, there are serious search and control, such as border control, they did not stop us from God, we passed easily.


Chipas is one of the most troubled places in Mexico. The state, which has a wide border to America, is where human trafficking, mafia, robberies, murders are many. For this reason, in the past, this place has been closed for a long time. The troubled place with great class differences, that is, very richness and very poor poverty. The easiest way to live here is to join big mafia groups called cartels.


There are 37 large cartels in Mexico that have material, spiritual, might, strong environment and power. They have great control over drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and political interests. When it comes to domination, issues such as economy and government are under the control of these cartels. A person who does not even have a 25% chance to be elected in the 1984 elections is nominated by these cartels, this is coincidence! When the election is completed and the counting starts, electricity is cut off in the whole country, and when the fault is resolved, the candidate, who has no chance, has received long votes, fortune! Appeals demonstrations, events or the court decides to recount the votes. This is the case of unlucky fire, where the votes are gathered, and all votes burn. The result is a long time president. Look, this is for God’s work … There is nothing to laugh about, did not we, too, at the end of the election, while the votes were counting, a cat entered the power plant and the electricity was gone … Same mind, same windmill no change. For God’s sake, who is learning from whom?


According to some of Mexico, the hero is the revolutionary, and the terrorist Zapatas. There is a slight risk, I hope nothing will happen to us.


Emiliano Zapata Salazar, one of 10 siblings in a humble family, challenged dictatorial rule at the age of 17, promoting land reform and starting a struggle on this path. It has gained an important position in the country that defeated the fascist president Huerta who led the Mexican revolutionary movement that started in 1910. After a while, divergence between them started, groupings started and they continued the political and hot struggle with different views. Zapata accepted the invitation of separatist leader Carranza, who said he wanted to change sides in 1919, and was trapped on the road and killed. Carranza, who trapped Zapata on the other hand, was the person who used the expressions of dishonest, low and he … children behind him on earth. Turkey has in the past and still live with the same care that a lot of animals in human guise expressions, as deeply and frequently uses a mouthful.


Those who fight against corruption, bribery and self-government in Mexico are called Zapata. The Zapatista National Liberation Army is an armed group located in Chiapas, one of Mexico’s poorest states. It takes its name from Emiliano Zapata, the pioneer leader in the Mexican struggle for independence, and they see themselves as the heirs of Zapata’s ideological heirs and domestic resistance against imperialism for five hundred years.


Let’s get back to our main subject, three of the 29 major ethnic groups of the Mayans are those who reside in Palenque. The region is forested, the place where creatures of all kinds of creatures are created, on the other hand, in the middle of paradise.


Palenque, which is one of the most important cities of Maya civilizations, was named after the Spanish town of Santo Domingo Palenque in the 16th century. The city, which was established in 1200 BC. It was discovered in the early 1700s, when a Mayan ruler spoke about the existence of the Spanish nun. The ancient city, which was noticed late, was excavated in the 20th century and started to be brought to light. For this reason, the works in Palenque ancient city, which were removed without much destruction, carry valuable information about the Mayans.


Palenque is also the source of the famous 2012 prophecy. You remember, on 12.12.2012, the whole world would sink, everything would end, and only another dimension would be opened in Palenque, and those who would pass through it would survive. A lot of Americans awake first came here to take one way ticket and waited for the door to be opened to another dimension, is the midwife saw the door açılmayın .. Likewise, Turkey is not? The scientific awakenings in us went to Şirince, they expected that the world will sink, just because they will stay in life, when the world did not sink, I had already guessed the wisdom. At that time, much was written about these vigilances that went to Şirince.

It was later misunderstood, so that the prophecy was renewed because that date was the beginning of a new 5000-year period, how would this life go without it!

The ancient city of Palenque is one of the largest and best restored Mayan cities in Mexico.

Our hotel is in the forest, the bottom of heaven, we entered the rooms full of crazy crazy rain, the sky is pierced, or something like that. In seconds, preparations have been completed, we have shown our loyalty by sacrificing a bottle of whiskey to the god of rain for the sake of goodness.


We go to the big waterfall in Mison-Ha, one of the unsafe places in the southern region of Mexico. The region is under the control of the rebels from time to time, in these cases entrance and exit is not allowed. We canceled coming here a few days ago, we have received no information in the last negotiations these days. I hope it will not be a problem once we are intentional, we’ll see.

The waterfall rushes from meters high with the effect of heavy rain falling in the evening and flows like crazy with all its majesty. It is impossible not to admire his charming voice and the power of nature. I watch it in a fascinated way. Our expectation was to swim in the pool and flowing river created by the waterfall, and we enjoy the view only because of the increase in the flow rate and the muddy muddy due to the soil it carries.


We entered the mountain road to come here, instead of going back to the highway, we go through the mountains. The road made many bumps with short intervals due to the small bend and small scattered settlements. 200 km. the road took more than six hours. We saw several police patrols along the way, it is not a problem during the day, but it is not safe to go around at night, even the cops would not be around at night. We jumped through the forests and finally came to the city of San Cristobal.


Yesterday, the weather was over 30 degrees, the heat and the sun were too much, today we are at 2400 meters, the temperature is 10-11 degrees, we are wearing it in a row, but we are still not enough,


San Cristobal is one of the first settlements of the Spanish after the occupation. It is named after the rare cleric, Cristobal Magallanes Jara, who served as chief bishop here, who took part in many aid and service movements, and received the title of “saint” while alive.


San Cristobal, different face of Mexico, human types have changed, the indigenous people of this place with a short chunky round face. The city center is usually the main square, where there are the most entertainment places with street vendors and players. We ended the night with local dishes of this place in a nice authentic restaurant.


One of the must-see places in the province of Chiapas is the town of Chamula with a population of 76 thousand and the San Juan church. As a result of the missionary work that started here after the Spanish invasion, Christianity started to be accepted, but over the years, since Christian religion could not be supported sufficiently, local beliefs and Christianity mingled with each other and a different religion model emerged.


People living in Chamula generally speak the language of the Tzotziles and their own Tzotzil, a descendant of Maya. Women’s clothing is different, usually a black animal skin skirt, some men such as a white or black animal skin vest or coat, or a thick belt on a shirt made of handmade bright fabric. The feet are also plastic, slipped slippers or leather sandals, 2250 meters high, but there is no sock. In some, solid boots are neat clothes, obviously these are the leading ones here.


When the Spaniards reached this continent in the 1500s, one of their first actions was to change the religions and languages ​​of the people living here. The altars made by these peoples who believed in the Sun, worshiped the Moon, who knew cocoa, corn, sacred the altars and built churches instead of the altars, and then they put the cross in their hands, after that they said that you are Christian. They crushed and killed those who objected.


When we came here, we learned that the great carnival, which is celebrated once a very important year, today, look at luck, let it live. Local people coming from the surrounding villages and towns gather in front of the church, passing by the managers gathered on the balcony of the administrative building in the square, with colorful ceremonial clothes and instruments worn only today called Maxes. The trumpet-like instruments they play are incompatible and without tuning, and the sounds are like the music that blows up. We are very alert, do not take pictures, there is no police here, local government and its law enforcement officers, we cannot solve them if there are problems, and they also wrote that the photograph is forbidden on the board when entering the square. Too bad, he took good pictures, but if we can get permission, maybe we’ll take a few frames. Those who show with clothes are called “monkey man” monkey man, although this expression is not as bad as we do, the images are very similar to us. Anyway, I was able to take a few pictures with permission.

As the celebrations will last until the evening, we enter the church. We bought our entrance tickets, the staff at the door insistently and firmly warned “taking pictures is strictly forbidden”, especially we respect beliefs and rules, but made great frames. Contrary to Christian churches, there are no seats in San Juan Chamula Church, the floors are covered with pine leaves. I have a sharp and fresh scent of pine leaves on my nose. There are pictures and sculptures of saints on the walls. People sit in groups on the floor and cleaned some of their place from pine leaves and placed candles on the tiles floor of the church. Some candles have shrunk from burning, some have their neck twisted, and the waist is twisted, they pray among the smoke emitted by these candles, a different situation we are not accustomed to. The family of 5, who lit candles in front of the closet with the statue of Aziz San Pedro, is sitting on the floor, in traditional clothes, which I guess is in the late 30s, in front of the weak woman with 2 braids, a girl 3-4 years old with her feet naked, in her local clothes. it looks cute! in animal skin suit, like a human headed bear cub.

The interior of the church is a little bit of warehouse, right across Hz. The picture of Jesus is a little old and faded, as if not carefully put. A few old and not fully understood paintings on the walls.

In many religions and beliefs, there is the custom of sacrificing in private places and in waterways. The San Juan church is the same setting, both the victim and the sanctuary. Sacrifice is a little different here. If you have the wish you want it to be and if you want to shed blood in return, you need to have a long prayer ceremony here together with a shaman namely oracle and chicken. Meanwhile, while the brothers are interested in the environment without being aware of the situation, the prophet chicken joins its wings from behind and starts to smoke on the burning candles slowly. In the last breath, he puts the fluttering animal in prayer and puts on the head of the votive owners, so that all evil will fly and wishes will come true. So what about chicken, rice at home broth. Like very brutal brutality, right? Is it very sympathetic to fly animals like sheep and cattle camels that have been banned in big cities in recent years and still continue in rural areas with a single blow between the Allahuekber nida? The rewards we gained from these works, which are the rehearsal of killing, kill us in the realm of morality, culture and economy!


The subject is confused again, yesterday we were really cold both day and night today, above 30 degrees, we feel the presence of the sun, we are burning. We are in February, Istanbul is very cold.


We go to the magnificent naturally occurring Sumidero Canyon, located in the National Sumidero Park within 86 thousand acres just north of the city of Chiapas de Corzo in the province of Chiapas. We put on life jackets, we board boats in a single row.


Sumidero Canyon, which was formed by erosion over 35 million years by the Grijalva River passing through the crack in the earth’s crust, its vertical wall reaching up to 1000 meters, 13 km. It is a magnificent place with its length and folds up to 90 degrees and hosting wildlife.



We are in the city of Guadalupe, after a short city tour, after the Vatican, the national temple of Mexico, the most visited, is the pilgrimage place of the Virgin Mary Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe. First, it was built on the top of the hill, then another church that was not enough, and another church that was not enough.


On December 9, 1931, Virgin Mary appears to a peasant named Juan Diego and asks for a church to be built for himself. Diego does not take it seriously, he thinks he is dreaming, but when he repeats it a few more times, he goes to the church market and tells the incident, but the pastor says Diego does not believe that he must prove that what he said is true and that there must be a miracle in it. Meanwhile, Diego’s uncle is also very ill. Virgin Mary appears to Diego again on December 10 and asks her to collect roses from an endless hill and take her to her uncle in a cloak. Even though Diego says nothing grows on that hill, the Virgin Mary says the same things and disappears. Diego goes to that hill and meets the field of roses, bringing the roses to which his cloak fills into his uncle. When his uncle is about to breathe his last breath, Diego opens the cloak, and after the poured roses, the mother appears in the official cloak of the Virgin Mary, and her uncle is regained as a result of this event. Upon this miracle, a church was built here, and Juan Diego became the first priest and the first Aztec cleric who reached the rank of saint. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world today.


A similar theological legend has been seen in the town of Fatima in the Qurem region of Portugal, starting with the Virgin Mary’s three daughters appearing on the 13th day of the month and asking for a church to be built here, the church, which was built as a result of miraculous natural events, is the most important holy pilgrimage place in Portugal, Sanctuary. of Our Lady of Fátima Cathedral.

One of the highlights of the trip is 50km from the city of Mexico, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Teotihuacan “House of the Gods” located at a distance. The traces of civilization, founded by Teotihuacans in 2000 BC, survived until the 7th century AD and disappeared for an unknown reason. The place where they remained silent for 400 years after Teotihucanlar and then realized by the Aztecs until the Spanish occupation. When the Aztecs settled here, they thought that the pyramids around the main road were king tombs and they called the dead road here. They later realized that these were pyramid-shaped holy sun, moon, Queatzalcoatl (Temple of the Plumed Snake) and recently found world temples. The largest sun, the world, the moon and the feathered serpent temples, respectively, are arranged as the reflection of the Origon constellations on the ground. We say courage and go to the top of the Sun Temple, which is steep and high 248 steps. Those who are on the road, those who say enough suffering, we intend to erect the flag to the top. I think for a moment, the stones that I have stepped on are the places where people from many civilizations have stepped down since BC, and I am touching the places where my fellows have stepped thousands of years ago. What would they tell if they were miracles and spoken? Temples, everything looks very nice from here. It is impossible not to be impressed by such a magnificent ancient city that has survived with all its might since prehistoric times. In fact, time is spent here, we are in the open space, above the sun temple, the sun began to hurt mercilessly from our top.

The weather became increasingly burning, we wanted to go to another 500-year-old Iztaclahuti temple, which is another Mayan temple, the road began to narrow and deteriorate, we did not need to take risks, we decided not to push, we decided to return. Maybe it was a hit, the traffic on the road is very bad, we were able to come to the city of Puebla.

We are in an authentic hotel that used to be a monastery. Puebla, officially Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza, or Puebla de Zaragoza for short use, is the capital of the state of the same name in Mexico.


Depositlan city is a place where there are many churches. Today, we could not agree with our guide, he left, we are alone. While asking where to go on the road, we met someone who came to see his lover, but the musician, photographer, but all his money was stolen by someone who stole everything, and he will accompany us until someone new arrives tomorrow. Today the market of this place is exactly where we want it, we are walking around with the locals. We got used to the church visit, what is the situation?


We are in the city of Cuernavaka, this is the Cathedral of Cuernavaka with four denominations. The place where the Roman Catholic, the dark Catholic religion, is located. There are more than one church in the same courtyard. We visited the museum and the cathedral inside, it was closed right after us. We have been around for a while, exploring the environment on foot. First, on behalf of the Spaniards, here is the founder of the city, Cortes Palace, and then the Emilyo Zapata museum is okay, we pass to the city of Mexico without much traffic.


The city of Mexico, an anthropology museum first, is truly awesome, a well-organized museum where you can get to know all the civilizations about Central America, a place to visit with a guide if possible. If you ask me to travel to the fullest, one day is not enough here.


We go to Chapultepec, a palace with great views on a high hill. After 11 years of war between Mexican nationalists and Spanish forces, after declaring independence in Mexico in 1821, the palace used as the administrative center of the Spaniards was used as a military school and training place. Maximillian, who was originally from Austria and was declared the Mexican Emperor in 1864 with the support of Napoleon and a group of Mexican monarchy groups, liked this place and settled down by evacuating the contents. Being a king is something like this. In 1867, he was shot dead by nationalists.


The Aztecs migrate from the lands they were in for unknown reasons in the 900s AD, they started to look for a place where an eagle eats a feathered snake on the cactus tree, which the prophecies indicated as a prophecy for the new settlement. After a while they find the place described and settle there. This is where the Aztecs settled at the end of migration and the first city of Mexico was founded today. The Aztecs living here were killed by the Spaniards during the occupation process, their houses and the most important temples, Temple Mayor, were destroyed and they built a huge city cathedral with stones coming out of it. Today, the waste city, which is the remains of the Aztec civilization, is in ruins around the Cathedral.


The full name of the oldest cathedral in Latin America, built on the Aztec holy lands, is the “The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven”. So it is one of the most important holy places. Its construction started in 1573 and completed in 250 years as a combination of baroque, neoclassical and neo-renaissance styles, today it is home to the Roman Catholic Archbishop. Here is such a place, it is really amazing inside and outside.


There are many civilizations that have left their mark in almost all of the Central American countries such as Mexico, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala.

There are various assumptions about the origin of Tolteks and the period they lived. The most accepted assumption for now is that these people, whose origin is unknown, existed 3300 years ago. They are thought to have formed an advanced civilization


Olmecler, who means “people of the small country” in their own language, lived around the Gulf of Mexico in 1200 BC and 500 BC.


The people of Teotihuacan lived between the 7th and 8th centuries, then disappeared for an unknown reason, perhaps a major outbreak.


The Aztecs left great marks with their culture and civilization between the 14th and 16th centuries, many of which were lost in the Spanish invasion.

Yeasts are five state sandblasts in the region, including countries in the southeast of Mexico for thousands of years. Some of them produced hundreds of dialects still used today, started to rise in the 600s BC, experienced the third golden age of AD, continued to exist until the 900s, then lost their power due to civil war and political turmoil, and their civilization ended with the Spanish occupation. It is one of the civilizations that has left very important traces in many areas. Even if the Mayans ended as state and civilization, people of Maya origin that still exist today are trying to keep their culture alive.


The Totanacs lived in Puebla and Veracruz regions of Mexico, lived my golden and political era in the 1750s, and lost their power in the 20th century. Today they live in a region north of Veracruz and try to maintain their culture.


These civilizations, which are the most known of these lands, have done works that have not been solved according to their own cultures as well as their own cultures, and left works.


Colonial countries were commissioned by the church to spread Christianity, in addition to obtaining the rich resources of the places they occupied. Therefore, during the occupation period, masters and architects were sent to build clergy and churches. Clergymen continued their propaganda activities by showing that they were angels of goodness by mixing with the people. The settlements, which generally started with the construction of the square, built a large church around the square and then the number of them continued increasingly. The churches or cathedrals built especially around the square are really magnificent works. These structures, some of which took hundreds of years to complete, are still standing magnificently with their great artistic values. For this reason, there are many churches and cathedrals in all countries that have experienced colonial invasions in the past. All different beautiful.


In this land where vibrant colored Latin music rises today, a lot of blood and tears spilled once.



yours affectionately

Hayrettin Kağnıcı

February 2020

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