Hayrettin Kağnıcı

Machinery After his higher engineering education, he started his business life by establishing his own company, has served in the sector for CNC controlled industrial machines for many years, and specialized in cutting and shaping steels, both practically and theoretically. He has given specialized training on the subject in educational institutions and many companies and published articles. In his professional life, he became a pioneer in the sector with the slogans and principles of “there is nothing we can’t cut” and “our goal is to increase your competitive power” as a company policy.

He believed that non-governmental organizations were very important in the development of the country and took an active role in many non-governmental organizations since his university years. Important among them, he worked in TÜGİAD (Young Businessmen Association of Turkey), Beyaz Nokta Clean Society and Clean Politics Association, TİAD (Machine Tools Businessmen Association), Rotary Association as well as many social institutions.

In addition to his professional business life, he used to describe his passion for traveling and photography, which has been going on for years, as “when he gets the chance”, but later on he started to devote more time to this passion. Hayrettin Kağnıcı has become accustomed to reflecting the lives of different cultures in over 120 countries he has visited and the basic element of these lives, “human” in his photographs. Although all people have essentially the same biological characteristics and basic emotions and behaviors such as greed, joy, laughing, crying, and increasing happiness are similar, it has drawn attention that environmental and cultural differences and the values ​​acquired later are so complex and contradictory that they separate societies. He tried to reflect these anthropological observations on photographs. In other words, a value that is sacred and absolute in one society does not mean anything else; what is good or beautiful for one person may be bad and ugly in another place.

He tries to photograph the people who create cultures in different environments and shares his observations as “travel notes”.

The values ​​that make countries important are the civilizations, civilizations and cultures formed in those lands. The main source that creates them is human. We learn about those periods with the works created by people in the past. Even today, some works astonish us considering the period in which they were made. Like the Egyptian pyramids, artifacts from the Inca and Maya civilizations. All historical artifacts are important, but some are much more important. These works have been declared as World Heritage by UNESCO and taken under protection. Today, there are 19 historical properties on the UNESCO World Heritage list in Turkey, and over 100 historical properties are on the candidate list. He prefers places that are in Unesco World Heritage because there are people in his trips.

With the “World Heritage and Human” subject photography exhibition, which he opened in different cities in 2015, he exhibited the cultural values ​​on the Unesco World Heritage list in 21 countries around the world.

In 2017, he opened a photography exhibition on “Mongolia and golden eagles”. İfsak has participated in group exhibitions in my Istanbul Photographers Association and has received degrees in national and international photography competitions. He also makes photo presentations and interviews in many places about the countries he photographed.

He tries to photograph the people who created cultures and civilizations in different environments and shares his observations and photographs on his website.

Hayrettin Kağnıcı, in his book titled “Human is such a thing” written in 2021; Paganism, polytheistic and monotheistic religions, semi-human, semi-machine cyborgs and humanoid robots that will be indispensable in our lives in the future androids, “What will happen to us?” He discussed and shared the topics.

Hayttin Kağnıcı, who lives in Istanbul, is married and has 2 children.







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