North Korea



North Korea, one of the most mysterious places in the world, where the darkest communism has taken place in the past, which I was very curious about, could not even think of going. What I see here, whether I want to see it or not, can’t even see its own people, the inexplicable black and white marbling world of those in the background.

From the city of Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean coast in the easternmost part of Russia, we travel to North Korea with the Koryo airlines, the capital of Pyongyang. There are many open-ended issues, even if I study about the places we are going to or about the country. A closed society, a lot of bans. Anyway, we let it go. To be realistic, I did not have any problems at the entrance and customs. In such countries, the most important thing is to ban foreign publications, documents against the current regime, and paperwork. I know there’s not much tolerance on this. After meeting two guides waiting outside, we move to the city center. The guide began to talk about strict rules and prohibitions. It is forbidden to walk out of the hotel alone, you will definitely inform us, if appropriate, we will go as a group. The subjects of taking photographs are very sensitive, it is strictly forbidden to take a picture of our “leader” you will see on the roads and in many places, people waiting on the lips of the bus, people working in construction or similar places, soldiers walking or waiting inside or outside the bus and military vehicles. There’s nothing to do, we’il follow the rules. First a late lunch. We pass through the wide streets to a restaurant in the region where there are extremely modern 40-50 storey buildings. Everything’s programmed.

The first question is, who lives in these buildings? In North Korea, scientists and researchers, bureaucrats, partisans and teachers who have successfully served the state receive significant and highest salaries, living in such modern buildings. Their priority. Although a little devious, this is the result.

With a surface area of ​​120,500 km², 80% of the country is mountainous and does not have much life. The population of 20 million countries lives in the southern regions where it is more convenient. The capital city Pyangyong is 3 million. The roads are neat and well-groomed as there are traffic police in every corner but there is not much traffic. There is not much vehicle in the middle, maybe one day in case of heavy traffic preparation in advance.

After dinner, we go to a very modern library of 30 million books built on a large area. Really awesome, I’m surprised. There are language courses in many languages ​​for free, you can find books on everything and take them home. There is always someone you can discuss and consult with at the professor level. If you do not understand the subject or would like to comment on the subject is waiting for you teacher, as long as you want to learn something on the way to science lore. What books about Turkey were asked, but the software is that you send any books on scientific subjects and said they would be very pleased. Oh, my sister, oh, I have sacrificed even though we have such books, we do these things with the force of faith of religion. Although not this size, there were such libraries everywhere in the country. The first place they show people who come to the country is such a library. In some other countries, there are libraries where they take tourists. So one of the cornerstones of education; The habit of reading books, learning to do research is the foot habits of libraries. Many libraries, which were at least in Istanbul until fifteen and twenty years ago and which I have been going to since high school, are now closed. Turkey today do not know the vast majority of people under the age of twenty library and go in your life. Reading without the habit of learning, let’s develop, grow, say these things are not friends. I think that the library habit is a different culture than the Internet.

Evening unexpected music show, then the hotel with all facilities above my expectation. The first day started with great surprises



We leave very early in the morning, we go to the South-North Korean border, where the 38 th parallel crosses. The first instruction came, three hours, only 1, 5 hours and a one-time break. No stopping in between. I mean, if there was a situation, we’d be in the bus. As we approached the area, the controls became more frequent. Prior to this briefing on the map about topics such as informing the perspective of the North South Korean wars by this event, abundant heroic stories, demilitarized zone. Then we go to the place where peace talks are held under the control of soldiers. The hall and table where American generals and North Korean generals sit in the name of the United Nations, the hall and table where the agreement was made on July 27, 1953. The result is a tragic war story in which millions of soldiers, civilians and civilians, including Turkish soldiers, are killed.

As Napoleon said, “History is the epic the winners wrote.” They tell their own stories, but like all wars, it has not been the winner.

In 1945, Russia and the United States share the Korean peninsula with the north of the 38th latitude under the control of Russia and the south with the US. Then, Russia wants to take control of the South Korean region, which is under the control of America, for strategic reasons. When North Korea attacked South Korea in 1950, it was communism’s war against capitalism, rather than the struggle of a small nation in a remote part of Asia. Established on the initiative of the United Nations and the US joined the war by sending troops to the army in Turkey and gave many martyrs. As a result, this war, which has suffered enormous losses, has not been concluded, and the situation continues with the fire cease-fire agreement.

Information about the war, a lot of unheard, biased, unbiased stories heard before.

Accompanying two guides from the beginning, one at the front and the other at the end of the group everyone under control, do not get lost. Today there was a cameraman, he was going to shoot a video during the whole trip, and if anyone wanted to sell it, everybody was on record. Whatever, it does not matter.

In North Korea, all buildings, roads, houses, cars, factories are the property of the state, and everyone works in a paid place according to their profession and skill. Everyone on the same level has the same wages. If you want to be promoted or to receive more money, you can take exams every three years, if you succeed you can be promoted. Work hard and be successful, lots of money and different opportunities, different status. Of course there will be good relations with the party. In our case, if you can not rely on the back of the organization if you are not in the same pool-world-jay nanay .. you lose the one.

Compulsory education 12 years, technical and engineering education is very important. Especially if you are a researcher, if you make a technological innovation, you are the biggest. Both money and possibilities. Apparently, the state is giving incredible support to science and engineering. On average, home rents do not exceed 3% of salary. Housing size is given by the state depending on the family population and the job you do.


If we continue the issue, after the 38th parallel visit to the historic city of Keoson. It was the chief city of the Koryo empire that ruled the region between 918 and 1392. All of the historic sites found here are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage list. Three fortresses with thick walls intertwined and the imperial palace in the middle are a magnificent structure. The old Koryo University has been turned into a museum today, and there are great examples and information from the period. Near another historic “Bloody Bamboo Bridge” built in 1316. It was the stone bridge that was built by the general and rebelled against the government. Later, in 1780, a similar bridge was built to preserve the area. This place is on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the same item as the others.

Here we go to the 31st Koryo Dynasty, the monumental tombs of the king and queen, which are also on the list of Unesco World Heritage. Really beautiful flashy grave. North Korea has two registered UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The roads are fine, the main roads are highway standard. A great “reunification yeniden reunification monument built on the motorway.

Before dinner, take a stroll along the Science Boulevard in the most popular place of Pyangyong. Apparently, the guide wanted to show them. Multi-storey high-rise buildings built in accordance with urbanism, with tens of perhaps hundreds of spectacular architectural lines. You will be surprised to see that a wide boulevard is very nice and modern buildings. “Independence means self-sufficiency”, “if we want to be a big country, we should work harder”, “to develop, to be strong is science”. Sitting scientists, teachers, senior managers who have been successful in the profession.



On the way, an interesting building in the form of a pyramid, we learned that 105-storey, 4000-room hotel with 5 rotating restaurants on top. It’s not known when it’s over, but the guys are crazy, playing to the top. I don’t know, is there any other hotel in the world with 4 thousand rooms, which has a capacity of approximately 10,000 guests, most importantly, is there a need for such a big one? No tourism yet.

There’s a big gallery of paintings and sculptures, beautiful paintings, we spend time here, it was worth it.

Part of the city transport is provided by metro, let’s see. We went down the 100-meter escalator and went down to the subway, where we entered by changing several stations. Rather well beautiful, quite well maintained and clean modern stations. Metro, an environment where you are with the local people, all my buyers open people watching. Who dresses, how to talk, jokes, or something, not much laughing smiley, everyone is extremely serious, no more talk, laughter or anything. It seems that laughing, laughing, joking is not something that can be very much. The clothes are usually the same, dark colors. Go to the barber hair on top of the light, take a little bit, I’m bored, I do not paint my hair or something, men 10, 18 women have identified similar hairstyles, you have to choose one of them. So sit down in front of the barbershop, when you call me number 12, everything’s clear.

Subway and other buses run from 06.00 in the morning to 22.00. Already after 21.00 there is no open place outside, no one on the street, everyone is home.

The Great Victory Monument is a flamboyant monument in the city center. Made in 1925 for the great victory over the Japanese.

They built a big stadium for 100,000 people in Pyangyong. However, it seems that this size will not make a lot of noise, again in the same city, the largest stadium of 150,000 people built. This time it made a sound, but are there so many competitions or matches? The answer is no, but the biggest stadium in the world is here … Let this cover America! There is no cheering, standing up or shouting matches. What a goal you sit in love like a man ..

I wonder if the Americans can come to North Korea. They can barely get it from the visa office in China, so far a few hundred Americans have come up with a tight ass in the last five years. However, after Trump became president, he was banned from going to North Korea. The world is run crazy. The average number of tourists coming in recent years is around 15-20 thousand, and it can be through the designated tour company. They also seem to want to increase the number of tourists. Most tourists come from China and Russia, very few European.

The easiest conversation is with friendship and mentors that start after a while, although human beings are always important, even though they are trained in how to tell the staff and what to tell. There were a total of two hundred guides speaking a number of other languages, most of them English, Chinese and Russian, each with an average of one or two tasks per year, but at other times, gossip or slumber in the office, but it is mandatory to come to the office regularly every day.

I was worried about taking pictures, I didn’t have much trouble. When I said that I wanted to visit a family and take photographs, I got an answer that it would not be easy, that it would be necessary to get permission and that it would take a few months.

Friendly, friendly warm behavior people. A little anxious towards the stranger, a little timid, usually does not want to take pictures, does not want to be alone in the frame, the words would be a word ..

We go to the statues of the current leader’s grandfather and father, Kim-II Song (1st North Korean Founder leader) and his son Kim Jong (2nd leader). A huge square, two statues of two leaders side by side between wall panels with relief pictures depicting the war. We have received our flower, we are waiting in a single row to be ready just in front of the statue at a certain distance. After leaving the flower in front of the statue with respect, we salute by leaning to our half waist. We leave calmly in the same order. The paintings and sculptures of the leaders are very important and you should always respect them everywhere. Before coming here, the visit would be like this, we should show respect by leaning, but if you say “I don’t bend in front of the statue or anyone le for religion, belief or any reason, please wait on the bus and say that this is our future. It is necessary to respect people’s belief in their culture.

In all squares, there are great movements and preparations for days. September 9, North Korea’s independence day, 100 thousand people will participate in the preparations for the big show. The weather is hot, students of all ages are usually dressed, and now the last rehearsals are done. I’m sure it’s going to be a great show, so imagine a hundred thousand people performing at the same time.

We go into a store that sells books, but what we’re looking at is the books that are on sale, but actually, our main goal is to get some rest in a cool place.

The 160-meter-high monument tower built in memory of Junche, you can go up to the top with the elevator and watch the city.

There is no mass religious belief in North Korea. Spirituality is based on the philosophy of Juche. This Marxist philosophy, created by Kim Il Sung, means “that he is the master of man, himself and his destiny.” Kim Il-sung, who describes this ideology he has founded in dozens of books, sums it up in one sentence: “man is the master of everything, he decides everything, self-confidence, believe in himself. Bugün Today it is known that there are 3,078 volumes of books and articles written on the Juche ideology. This system, which is defined as the more mature form of governance of Marxist ideology which can be explained as “independent stance” and “self-sufficiency”, is divided into three main headings;

* Political and international independence

* Economic independence

* Military independence

Juche, who has also expressed independence and self-sufficiency in the fields of politics, economy and defense, is both a philosophy of life and an official ideology in North Korea. These two are already parallel behaviors.

With the law introduced in 1997, the international Gregorian calendar was replaced by the Juche Age calendar. Kim Il-Sung’s birthday, April 15, 1912, is considered the turning point. So the year 2018 is the 106th year according to the Juche age calendar.

After lunch, we are visiting the primary school in Pyangsong, an hour’s drive away. In fact, one of the topics I’m interested in is basic education. In primary school, every student has to deal with one of the subjects such as half-day lessons, afternoon sports, ballet, music, painting, nature, social activities, sports, literature according to his / her ability. Since our visit was in the afternoon, we were able to follow some of these works. In one class there are children who speak / speak English, in another class they have ballet lessons, children playing violin, doing sports and gardening. Everyone has to deal with something. Some of us even did the show, they were terrific indeed. Dozens of ping-pong tables in another hall, children play table tennis under the supervision of a teacher, especially at a table how two brothers play how they are pushing the ball, you are surprised, they do a serious exciting match. These are elementary school students aged 8 to 16 years. Probably some of these children will come forward and succeed in the future. This is how the world or Olympic champions grow. As such, the development of spiritual and self-confidence in children is strengthened. Shyness is diminishing.

We came to the war museum, the most beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful war museum I’ve ever seen. Korean war through their windows accompanied by military guide. There are plenty of heroic songs such as military achievements, captives, drilling the mountains, taking over the whole of Korea in three days and then retreating. I’ve been to South Korea, where I’ve had a lot of information about the war. So we need to take the average of the two narratives. A really beautifully crafted museum. As our guide daughter said, the museum was completed in 11 months, a bit tricky but let’s say well done. In the mid-belly place, the founding leader Kim-II Song’s large statue and the guide’s first salute continued after. If you want to visit the whole day is not enough, finally in the big bur hall with a swivel platform panoramic, illuminated and sound beautiful show. Great.



Today we are tempted, do not wear too light and multi-colored clothes are going to the tomb of the great leader. We are in the palace, which was built by the founding leader in 1971, used while he was alive and after his death in 1994, which is today a monumental tomb. Extremely well-maintained, clean and tidy. Amazingly strict control and organization from the entrance of the palace. Everything Is delivered to the custody except the watch and the glasses. It is strictly forbidden to insert anything other than these. We passed the search and control safely. We’re moving at the speed of a few hundred meters of walking belt. No walking on the tape. A real palace. Hundreds of pictures of Kim Song and the next leader Kim Jong, the founding leader on all sides marble walls, are officials to ensure security and discipline at every point. Finally we come to a place, side by side in five rows waiting, with the last reminder of the whisper, the posture of respect and bowing will be made leaning. We’re like a sanctuary in silence. We finally entered, a huge hall, the mummified funeral of Kim II Song, the founding leader, in a glass coffin. Leaning on all four sides, we continue in one row. Once again, the stairs, the rooms have gone around a lot, and another big hall this time, the second leader Kim Jong’s mummified funeral in a glass coffin again. Again on the four sides we come out as a single row of duly greeting. In other halls, the leaders showed the countries they visited, the cars they boarded, the train carriage, the sea boat, the abundant paintings, the medals, the gifts each of them hundreds, and everything else. We are in the palace for a total of two hours.

 North Korea is a closed regime and its most important ally is China. Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, is the showcase of the country. In North Korea, instead of North Korea, the official name of the country is called Halk Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ”, Democratic People’s Republic or Korea only.

There are monuments and sculptures around here. “Party foundation monument” We are in front of the monument, one of the symbols of this place. Let’s not go and see, but you can take pictures from a distance, you can not even approach if there is no responsible. Anyway the phone or something came to the competent chick person, giving information about the monument. After the establishment of the Communist party on October 10, 1945, in 1995, a large memorial sculpture of 160 meters high, made in memory of 50 years. It consists of three large symbols, one pen with a brush; education and art, a hand holding a sickle; it represents the peasant and agricultural worker and the working class with the hammer. All three symbols rise in separate columns. That’s pretty good. Choice of location, detailed information about the environment, the sculpture is beautiful.

We are going to the tomb of three kings of Turhung-Hı Dynasty that lived in this region in the 6th century. A large chamber grave was carved into the granite mountains, and the funeral of the deceased king was put into it and they were closed again with tons of granite stones. The important thing is how they dug so hard mountains at that time. A large chamber grave carved the walls neatly, arranged the interior and decorated the walls with paintings depicting the period that has never faded. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of all its features. Three of these graves were found in this area. It is estimated to be more.

Take a light lunch and go to the Children’s Palace. We said that education is very important here. Children up to the age of 14 are educated according to their ability to come here after the survey and interview. This is an optional place outside of normal education. He teaches in the fields of sports, music, instruments, gymnastics, painting, engraving, fine arts, science and technology, and computer and software. In 140 classrooms, 5 thousand students are trained daily. The building is really a great place, very elegant with all kinds of facilities like a palace. This is the children’s palace that will be the rulers of the future. Classes in small groups, obviously all kinds of facilities are provided. After seeing a few works in a very beautiful thousand people in a hall we watched shows on a few issues. Super. One day a week is open to visitors at certain times, but guests can be visited that day. Education and children are all very important to them, they are provided with different opportunities for those who are successful. My eyes lived 100 percent of literacy in North Korea

Canım Atam saw them in 1923 and gave importance to the child and his education, declared the first and only children’s holiday in the world, opened educational institutes and public houses according to the opportunities of that period for education. Today, others are successful in this path. What we did, we invented happy birthdays that coincided with the dates of children’s day, youth day, and made these beautiful values ​​passive.

We traveled around North Korea in accordance with the guided program and we could see what they wanted to show. But what kind of a place is North Korea, which is not mentioned much, is not spoken too much?

The unknown or unspecified date of birth, Kim-Il Song, the founding leader of North Korea, is known as the Great Leader in the country, and although he died in 1994, he is still officially serving as the country’s president and holds the title of immortal president. According to official sources in North Korea; Comrade Kim-II Song is a guerrilla who fights against the Japanese in the 1930s, a powerful general riding a white horse in the 1940s, a large sword that divides a huge tree into two in a single shot, transforming pine cones into bullets and sand grains into rice. hero who can cross river through leaves. Wow my dear brother, what are you !!

When North Korea’s founding leader Kim-II Song (founding Leader 1) died in 1994, his son Kim-II Jong (2 leaders) became the country’s leader. When the great commander and supreme leader Kim-II Jong (leader of the 2nd) died suddenly at the age of 70 in 2011, the Supreme People’s Assembly made a statement: Comrade Kim Jong-un (son of the current president) is the supreme leader of our party, army and country. ” His son, Kim Jong-un, is the Commander-in-Chief of the Korean People’s Army, the Secretary General of the Korean Workers ‘Party, the president of the Korean Workers’ Party, the Chairman of the Central Army Committee and the Chairman of the DPRK National Defense Committee. So all powers and command-command system in the president. Thus, in 2011 Kim Jong-un (currently the third leader) became the youngest president in the world. The date of birth is not disclosed, but it is said that he was born January 8, 1984. One-man management army!

Now the story begins;

According to North Korean official sources and television broadcast;

The birth of Kim-II Jong (2 leaders), the son of Kim Il-Song (founding leader 1), heralded a swallow at his father’s secret base. With this birth, the winter suddenly turned into spring, a star shining brightened the sky, and two rainbows formed, on the trunk of a tree, “Ah! Korea, I give the glad tidings of the birth of the star. ” Little Kim-II Jong was able to walk and talk before he was six months old.

When Kim Jong-Il (2 leaders) died, the layers of ice on his birthplace, Paektu, were torn apart by an unexpected rupture of noise, and there was a major snow storm in the area. The people of North Korea became law and cried for days. Thousands of swallows twisted his neck and thousands of storks from heaven descended from the sky to retrieve it. But the storks couldn’t take him because they saw that all North Koreans were crying, punching their breasts, hitting the floor and pulling their hair. After ten days of thinking, these birds from heaven decided not to take him away but to rest in a palace on earth. He didn’t officially die and was “sleeping alone ında in his tomb. After his death, the giant palace became his tomb and his mummy was exhibited here. These are the basic records written in the party charter. Like quotes from the Holy Book !! Comrade Kim – Song II (founding leader # 1) and other leaders, here in the status of the holy being that bears all the attributes of God. Believe it or not, this is the story, the top management, so all the people, except those who write these stories, believe it. Now let’s turn to our stories, similar miraculous sacred stories.

In fact, when Kim Jong II (2nd leader) died, he was expected to succeed two other older sons, Kim Jong-chol or Kim Jongnam. However, Kim Jong Nam was arrested in 2001 when he entered Disney Land in Japan with a false identity. With Kim Jong-chol’s non-masculine behavior, Kim Jong Un opened up. After his name was heard, it turned out that he was studying in Switzerland like his older brothers.

Kim Jong-un was educated at the Liebefeld School in Bern under false identity, and spent time outside the school in front of North Korean authorities to avoid being influenced by western culture. However, despite all his efforts, he knew his schoolmates were very interested in video games, basketball and sportswear.

After Kim-Il Jong (2nd leader), the country was thought to be under the control of high-level names within the party, in which case the names of his aunt and brother-in-law came to the fore. However, uncle Jang Song Thaek, considered the country’s second most powerful name, was betrayed in a cage in 2014 by being stripped naked and killed by 150 hungry dogs and took his aunt away from the political arena. In addition, Kim Jong-un, who had executed hundreds of people in the military, diplomacy and the Communist Party, had become the sole voice in the country. Kim Jong-un’s defense minister had Hyon Yong Chol executed for sleeping in a meeting. The basic principle of all dictatorships, one-man administrations, is to make massacres in order to make itself accepted and to kill lots of people. Only in this way can you stand out, release fear, put pressure on society and make yourself accepted. Look at the dictate regimes ruled by all the one man ever. Now the leader tonton brother has followed the same path, the result is that the whole world knows him, does not know the name of his father.

The founding leader, who has visited many countries including Ankara, his son, the 2nd leader Kim Jong (2nd leader) less overseas travel, the current third generation leader Kim Song-un does not have such visits yet, so the world is gradually isolated they prefer to be. All of the leaders are posing in happy pictures, laughing in all the paintings, people in the streets as if their faces are a bit dull, a little fearful, timid.

The young dictator is known to be married. In July 2012, North Korean state media announced that Kim Jong Un had married Comrade Ri Sol-ju. Sol-ju, a former singer, received great attention from the world press in a short time with his short hair, proper physique and stylish clothes. First Lady’s frequent appearances with his wife were interpreted as Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather would follow a different policy. Does he have children, no information on this. Where the leader lives, where the presidential palace, what place to drink, how they live, information sharing on this issue is not known and unknown. The only thing known is that the leader is everywhere and can come at any time. Could that be a little scary?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, the country’s main decision-making mechanism, the Communist Party has appointed a member of the Board. Kim Yo-jong, 30, also has a strong role in the country as vice president of propaganda ministry.

In fact, North Korea is ruled by the “Kim Dynasty geçen, which is passed from father to son, no one can ask for an account, one man, one leader, one decision maker. No stranger.

We’re curious about North Korea, so what’s the social life of these people? Marriages are usually introduced in the form of the introduction of families, that is to say, then there is no divorce. If not, manage the situation in this mortal world. No, I met at the cafe, I fell in love with my schoolmate or something like that does not look much. There is no such infrastructure, everyone is extremely serious, created by capitalism! no room for emotional instinctive impulses!

In North Korea, nobody can connect to the international network except for some people. However, there is a closed-circuit private internet system in itself, everyone can enter here, of course supervised from the beginning. Physicians and engineers generally receive support from Switzerland, China and Russia for special training and careers

The crime rate is very low, the penalty for using drugs is the end of the road ie death, journey to heaven with four arms! Crimes such as killing, killing and wounding people are heavy. There’s no theft, everyone on the social level you live in has almost the same goods, nothing to steal. You can’t go to the places where the top executives or those who live in different circumstances already live, don’t even think about it.

Trade and exports to China as the most done. They also trade with Asian countries such as Russia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Exported products are generally import of agricultural products, such as lead, copper, magnesium, coal, minerals such as dried fish, vegetables, soy, oil, machined and industrial products of machinery spare parts.

North Korea does not want to share its own information because it is a closed society. When the sources are examined; In 2016 figures, exports are 3 billion, imports are 3, 7 billion, 1700 USD per capita national income, total trade volume is 38 billion USD. The largest trade is from China with 2.5 billion exports and 2.7 billion imports. In spite of all my attention in the places where they took us, I did not catch a life in such misery. Particularly the head town Pyangyong also has serious modern and very nice buildings, the roads are perfectly smooth and clean, there are a lot of new constructions being built.

Even if they show us only one side of life, even the face shown does not seem to be very feasible with these economic figures. So, how it is, it’s hard to make a comment, but it’s a runaway or unknown, unexplained thing for sure.

After Kim Song-un became president in 2011, he paid more attention to nuclear defense, but this disturbed many states, especially the US, and the economic embargo was initiated by these states. In 2018, the US embargo on Iran, Russia and China seems to have influenced North Korea. North Korea is already the country at the tip of the barrel for America, and every country that trade with this place is under the threat of embargo. Therefore, declines in trade volume have started in North Korea

North Korea ranks 117th in the world welfare ranking, ie in the poorest countries.

As of 2013, North Korea has the world’s largest military organization with 9,500,000 active, militia and reserve personnel. The world’s fourth largest army with 1.21 million under arms. 10 years for men, three years for women. With 40% of the population being military personnel, North Korea is the most military country in the world with the number of soldiers by population. In the case of nuclear bombs, long-range missiles, trials on hydrogen bombs, technological weapons, it is an important military force.

If not as much as NASA, there are research and development centers called NADA, where serious work is known. In recent years, they have sent 4 satellites into space with their own technologies. As a result, they became America’s fearful dream by building nuclear bombs in the defense industry.

Everybody gets a salary from the government, which means that this is not a very sustainable situation. In the past, the eastern bloc was one of the reasons for the disintegration of the countries.

Considering all these, I could not reach a source about this economic data and how this works.

Such a system is not easy to fully understand, but there are obviously unknowns. Information about the places where all the leaders were born, their private lives, where they live and how they live are not known. When we asked the appropriate language, we didn’t get an answer, they didn’t know, the answers could be anytime, anywhere. But it protects us, many states like America and South Korea, and Japan want to attack us, they want to kill us, our leader is making the most powerful weapons in the world and protecting us by paying attention to the military power and defense industry. This is very important, and we believe that answers. Let us say God for granted, nothing can be done.

There are no private cars in the country, all vehicles are used by the state and allotments. Public transport is provided by buses or bicycles, which may be private property only, or by addition of small motor bikes.

The highest wage scientists, soldiers, diplomacy, and especially those rising within the Communist Party. Although it doesn’t want to be explained, it appears that workers earn a few dollars a month as an average of cross-information.

You can only come to North Korea by plane, there is no entry from the land. North Korea has flights from Koryo Airlines to Vladivostok (Russia), Beijing and Shenyang (China).

In North Korea, the administration continues with the supervision and repression of the Kim Dynasty, which passed from father to son. This family is in control. That the dynasty could find solutions to the problems faced by individuals and society in order to rule North Korea, or that there was no problem! must tell. This is done with pressure and intellectual agitation. Everyone 15 and over has a badge of Kim-IISong or a North Korean flag on their chest. A little imperative, of necessity. There’s an election every five years. Of course, one party, one candidate. In the last election in 2012, Kim Jong Un won 100 percent of the vote. Well done, great success!

I had a lot of different prejudices and prejudices on my way here, and I had a lot of questions I couldn’t answer when I left. We only saw certain parts of Pyangyong and the places they showed us around. There is no information and records about the North of the country.



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