West America


This is the world’s film and arts center in the south-west of America, Hollywood, the world’s most important electronic and computer information centers, Silicon Valley, the Atlantic Ocean coast, where the vast oil reserves, the country’s richest, most fertile land, with a population of 50 million The largest, most populous state is Sacramento, the capital city of 50 states.

The state of California’s important center is the city of angels in Los Angeles. The region is Mexican in origin. In 1781, the Mexican priests came to this vacant region in the name of missionary work, where they first built the Ma church. Over time, settlements around the church begin. This monastery is the first place in Los Angeles.

Hollywood is a strong cinema and film industry, and therefore an important destination for tourism. One of the most famous places is Sun Set Street, the names of all known film artists, their hand and footprints are written in stars drawn on the places. People take photographs in front of the names of the artists they love, like and love. Only Muhammad Ali’s name is written on the wall, so that the name of the prophet is not under the foot. There are all kinds of attractions.

You know, the most important award of the cinema world we watched on television, the Gremmy awards are given, artists on the red carpet swinging and posing where the Kodak Theater, we walk around, but there is no red carpet or hundreds of cameras! It is a place where young generations find entertainment in their own right. The other important area is Beverly Hills, where all the artists of the money live here. We go up to the hills where the artist’s house, who lives in a really large garden where beautiful houses. In terms of price comparison, you get three places from the Bosphorus to the price of a medium-sized waterfront.

In 1926, the Babohy family bought a large estate and built the largest and most expensive Gray Stone castle. When his son, who took over after father Bahony died, committed suicide in this house, the family thought it was ominous and sold it to the Los Angeles City Council. The municipality will rent it out to the filmmakers. Many of the movies that were still in our known memories were filmed here.

Rodeo Drive, where the most expensive stores in the world, where the most expensive watches Rıza Zarrab bought for gift, is sold here.


We are heading to San Diego, the southernmost west of the country and the state of California, with a population of 1.5 million. It was one of the first settlements where Mexicans came in 1729. The Old Town is a place to live the era with its court hall, sheriff’s room, steel single-cell prison, bars and people in the middle of that period. You know, there used to be pictures of novels called Tom Miks in Texas, or that’s exactly the place.

San Diego is a colorful lively coastal city with beautiful modern buildings. People sunbathing on the beach under trees, enjoying. We’re in front of the “kiss of a hundred years” statue of a soldier hugging and kissing a beautiful girl. During World War II, when one of the soldiers heard that the war was over, he kissed the first beautiful girl in New York Times Square with joy. A journalist who displays the exact moment, publishes this picture in the newspaper with the title “Kiss of the hundred years” and the painting becomes very famous. A large statue of that painting is in front of the aircraft carrier that participated in the war here. Those who hug and kiss their lover and wife with

the same enthusiasm and those who try to create an opportunity to take a picture in the same pose under the statue!

We go to Coronado Island, which is connected to the bridge, and we set the sun here. We said goodbye to the amazing colors, see you in the morning.


We’re going to Yuma in Arizona State. The most sheltered Yuma State Prison built in 1800. The place where the most bloody murderers of the time, outlaws, horse thieves, and notorious bank robbers were imprisoned. Some of the cells are carved into the rocks with thick iron gate, the soul wouldn’t escape. The most notorious pictures on the walls of the most famous ones, what the hell paintings, life stories. Today it is used as a museum.

Arizona, the chief city of Phenix, is a state with a population of 7 million and an average annual income of $ 56,000 per family. Not a very rich region with some mines. This is one of the many Indian tribes in the past. In the 1900s, the massacres, tortures and attacks were carried out against the Indians before the genocide. Today they are called “native American”, native Americans because they accept their existence and cannot humiliate them as they used to. Indians live in autonomous regions, mainly in this state, with their own laws, law enforcement, courts, traditions.

Parallel to the Mexican border, we head east towards the city of Yuma in the Arizona Desert. The weather is seriously burning the hot sun hurts. Fortunately, the humidity is not high. Yuma, a typical cowboy town.

We go to Tuscon Film Studios, which was founded in 1936. Once you get in, you’re familiar with the movies. More than 400 cowboy movies were shot here, most of them are familiar films played by artists we know. A different world like a dream, cowboys with guns in the middle, women in costumes at that time. There are scheduled demonstrations, duel scenes in the middle of the street, those who are shot from the top of the building, the big-bellied sheriff wandering in the middle, the wild west like in the movies.

In the 1800s, the region belonged to the Spaniards. When the United States did not exist for a long time during the establishment period, those who escaped from the law settled here and formed their own rules where the weapons were dominant. The wild west where the deaths, fights, which are the courts, the prisons, under the sheriff’s choice of resident people are very ordinary. The sheriff represents the law, but mostly the law he wrote himself, a scheme in which he kills what he wants and puts him in jail. What we see in movies is actually real life stories. Cowboy movies are still being shot around here, in these cases they are closed to visitors and used only as sets.

Today’s dinner, “Arizona Beriito” from Ferhan chef in the Arizona deserts of Arizona Saguaro National Park. We have the whole order of cooking in the car, we are like a free-standing restaurant, you can have all kinds of coffee, tea and snacks on the way. The stoves are set up, all preparations are complete, we will sink the sun here. First, a light starter, four kinds of grated cheese on top of roasted ground beef in tortello dough, a special cream and sweet sour hot Arizona sauce. We said there was enough for each of the four eaters, fruit pudding and then tea. On the horizon of the desert, we are passing the sun today with our latest polish goblets. Nobody intends to get up …

This is where the gold and silver mines were abundant in the 1800s, when gold came out. When the news spread, everyone from east to west ran here, settlements were formed, big clashes took place, and these were mobilized at a time of gold rush. Banks, bars, unlawful cowboys, bandits have settled here. We came to Tombstone, one of these towns, and it’s called the evil “tombstone”. The road, which was like a main street in the past, is closed to traffic, armed cowboys and sheriffs walking around. The surrounding area also sells clothes and belongings of the day, shops, signs, decors are the same, I feel like a film studio. In the middle of the road four cowboys with black hats, dressed in black leather coats, crossed the road, inviting to an armed duel show. We’ve entered, we’ve taken our place, carving our hill in the sun temperature 37-38 degrees. In 1881, four brutal bandit brothers carried out constant raids, killed people and robbed. When the town sheriff and the public were unable to cope with them, the sheriff teamed up with the support of other town sheriffs, and the first raid of the outlaws resulted in a major conflict. The bandits are killed and the town takes a deep breath. This is one of the most important unforgettable conflicts of the past. In the end, the bandits are ambushed and exploded at once, like weapons. Finally, we’re walking around Tombstone again, to see if there’s any place we haven’t seen. I remember there are many movies made here, among them there are many movies we watched on the wild west, like a familiar place.

In fact, these places where the Indians lived in the past, those who came for gold fired or killed the Indians. It was estimated that the region had 80 million dollars of gold and silver reserves in those years. Those who came to the region had removed a lot of gold and silver. When the towns leave vacated people “ghost town” formed ghost cities, the town has hollow.

I’m making sausage cactus at noon today. When we saw that the mother-in-law cacti was sold in some markets as well as we did not want, we set off to make food for them. You need to clean your spines very carefully, it doesn’t come out when it sinks. First add the chopped cacti in a ribbon and turn over the sauté and sauté it, then add all kinds of spices and salt and then scramble the eggs. We serve, everyone is trying to eat a bit of taste in wonder. I did it all because I did it, but it was a shit-shit thing. I wondered how the people who buy it from the market do it. Comment “necessarily benefits, at least organic,” he consoled.

Phonix, the state capital of the state of Arizona, is well organized, with wide roads and a clean spot. Full desert climate, the sun hurts painfully, places in the shade more moisture when there is no moisture in the air.

We’re climbing 2400 meters high in Flagstaff, the weather has suddenly dropped to 5-6 degrees, almost 30 degrees difference, so we’re chilly while we’re disturbed by the extreme heat a few hours ago.


We go to the meteor pit, which strikes the world at a speed of 40,000 km / h, 50,000 years ago. It is 180 meters deep with a diameter of 1.5 km. According to calculations and simulation studies, the intensity of the multiplier was 20 million tons of dynamite (tnt). Almost all of the meteor burned out due to the heat generated by the impact. Can you imagine the energy generated? Several years later, several pieces were thrown into the environment and found under protection. Around 400 meteor crater pits are known in the world.

Apollo space work has been done here in the past.

20 million years ago, in many places in our world where volcanoes are constantly active, dinosaurs existed during the period, the large trees under the ashes of the volcano, buried beneath the ashes and different minerals in the soil under the influence of millions of years of fossilization has been preserved. Some of these petrified trees came to earth as a result of ground movements and landslides. This is the real forest 20 million years ago, today we go to Petrified Forest where petrified wood forests. Millions of stone trees with all the details of the tree on a very large area. It is forbidden to take a small part or intervene. These are Novajo Indians reserve area, you can buy as many of these stone trees as you can in the shops selling tourist goods on their way to the shops!


0 km which is on UNESCO World Heritage list. length, 18 km wide and 1.6 km in average. One of the seven wonders of the world in depth. It was formed by erosion and collapse of the bed of Colarado river which is one of the important rivers of this region which started 40 million years ago. The Grand Canyon, with its many terraces, is truly spectacular, with a strong wind blowing and a deep chasm that creates a slight chill as you look down.

We are passing through the Najavos Indian tribe, the largest land here. When we talk about the Indian village, we all think of people who have feathers on their heads in tents with conical signs that we know from movies, picture novels like Texas Tommiks. Today, it is no longer so, multi-storey buildings, large cars with gates at the door of a certain income level of the American tradition of the American tradition has gone away from the tradition. I don’t know which one is right, is it an ethnic group, one of the colors of the living society with its own unique traditions and cultures, living at the level of economic prosperity that has lost its cultural identity? The result is that, like many other ethnic groups, they have been lost in the larger society. I remember when you came to this land 20 years ago, albeit a tourist attraction, you would have a model Indian people in your mind. In our country there are also many ethnic origins, they need to preserve the beauties of these colors, these cultures of the world.

We go to Utah State, going to Monument Valley in the Novajos Native American region, where red hues emerge when evening lights hit the desert. Very strong monumental cliffs have been formed as a result of natural effects such as strong winds, temperature differences, rain and the sun. From a distance, it is like a sculpture made by human hands. With the sunset, they turn red, bright color and look great. The camera warmed up again. Monumental sandstone rocks created by Mother Nature.


We’re going to Antelope Canyon in the Navajo Indian Autonomous Region, which was previously booked for entry. In Navajo, the name “Tse ‘bighanilini”, that is, “where water flows through the stones,” means everything in two words! We walk in groups of ten people with the guidance of an Indian native, down the narrow stairs. Amazing nature formation, I’ve never seen one like this before. Figures created by the floods of rainwater for millions of years. The mineral structure of the soil of the region gives iron oxide the main color, which is also present in other minerals. The soft, more easily eroded soil, which is close to each other among the hard rocks, has eroded in layers over time with the effect of rain water and wind. We walk through the cracks that go down to 30-40 meters below the surface in the form of cracks. Spectacular images created by the light from above in layers caused by abrasion on surfaces at different times. Different minerals in the soil create different shades on the surface. Imagine now, the light coming from the surface is reflected in different colors on the walls of the narrow cracks, there are shadows, some places are very bright, some places are dark, and if you force some imagination, you can see many familiar shapes. Another planet in another realm, really spectacular. We go out at the end of the earth, in every drunken beauty. In rainy weather it is closed because there are serious currents below, you must also necessarily have sunlight to experience its beauty.

The Antelope canyon is the most visited tourist destination in the US and one of the most photographed places in the world.

The Colarado river’s ring-shaped curvature around a large rock has eroded the soil hundreds of meters over the course of millions of years, taking the appearance of a horseshoe around it. “Horseshoe Bend”, the thrill of fear created by the cliff on one side of the horseshoe canyon, on the other side light games created by the sun in different places, you can not leave here.

We look at the top of the Hard Rock Libraries, one of the most beautiful places in the Colorado River.

We are going to see another canyons in Zian National Park within the boundaries of Utah State. If you want to see all the bathrooms here, life is not enough. Mountain goats, deer come out in front of us on the road, they are used to almost stand and pose. In Springdale River Park, we take a delightful feast on calming whiskey to absorb the beauties we see, coffee as the last lacquer .

A large and large area, people stay here for days and climb the mountains and enjoy walks. We enjoy a tour of the most visited Zian Canyon, which is hundreds of meters deep. It takes a lot. We walk from the bottom of the canyon parallel to the river bed. Condors, which have two wings spans of vulture genera, which are in extinction, have fallen to 22 in 1918 and the number of conservation measures taken has increased to 400 today. It’s dark, but nobody wants to leave.


We set off at -8 C in the morning, as there is sun, but we could not even warm yourself, we are cold good cold. The geological structure of Arizona and Utah is very suitable for canyon formation. There are too many different sizes and shapes in the canyons. Among them, we visit protected ones. One of them is Bryce Canyon. Protected in the national park, this is another beautiful. It is also the place of the ruined ancient city or the surface of Mars, which was formed by the difference of wind and temperature, with elevations like very high fairy chimneys. First we look down at it as if it were another planet. About 30 meters depth, we reached the bottom of the canyon by wandering around, through the crevices. Return; we started from a different but challenging course so that we could see the back of the climb. People’s tongues started to come out, when we got up there no one had to speak. Mandatory rest break for 30 minutes. I think that was hard, Mars was like walking.

We’re on our way, we’re going to Las Vegas in Nevada, the world of casinos with long nights.

Las Vegas is a different world created in the middle of the Nevada desert. Almost every building has six casinos. Everywhere, everything is dazzling. This is the world of gamblers, the world of people lying in the morning, waking up to the evening, not knowing the sunrise, not knowing what they live for when dollars are poured out of their pockets. Colorful lights everywhere, the most expensive shops, the longest and biggest cars. The world in which the “en” s … And among those who watched with surprise like us, those who satisfy the pleasure of gambling here for small money ..

While Las Vegas was a small town in the middle of the Nevada Desert until 1959, the owner of a casino in Atlanta sweat and come here to open the casino to a secluded location with the aim of expanding its business. At first it wasn’t much reputation, but in time other casino owners started to show up. Today, it is one of the most important gambling places in the world, where 40 million tourists come annually. All gambling and gambling machines are played with rules that are not understood by anyone who does not require intelligence or intelligence, the basic rule of keeping this market big. Dazzling restaurants, cafes, bars shopping stores with large, flashy hotels, buildings. One of the most known hotels in the world, Venice Hotel, MGM Hotel, Cheasars Palace, Excalbur Hotel. Luxor, New York Accommodation capacity of places like New York Hotel is between 4 -5 thousand each. Can you imagine the capacity of accommodation in the city, millions of people. Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Empire State, such as the world-scale buildings in the size of dozens of scale models of the city. This is the place. The permanent actors of this place do not know what is happening in the world of their imagination, what is going on in the world, is there another realm of life from here. Wandering around the city streets selling colorful bright lights in the imagination. Everything is extreme, there are great shows for you every night in different places, so that it is just for the ladies! .. you know the entrance prices are serious money. If you have your money, you’re gonna have the crazy peak of everything.


We’re going to Death Valley in the state of California. It is one of America’s largest pits, about 1000 meters wide, 282 meters below sea level. The temperature is 55C in the summer and the winter is an impressive view of the different shapes created by freezing cold and strong winds on the surfaces.

When it was heard that there was gold around here in 1849, people started to attack here. Among those who descended from the pit in the summer, there were many deaths due to the loss of water in extreme heat. That’s why it’s called the death pit. In the past, the surface shapes are more defined and a fascinating image is formed. Anyway, we left the death pit the same number without wasting. Death Valley National Park is one million people visiting Death Valley National Park annually.

At the entrance you print the money from the ticket machine and take the ticket, there is no one at the door, but everyone gets their ticket.

When we go to the Nevada desert, we see a sign on the road, almak It is forbidden to take any of the roads. Nevada The famous Nevada Prison is in front of us. let’s say.

Another sign is Area 51 “. This is the underground private military area where America has been doing top secret military and space studies for many years. Another feature of this place is that the creatures coming from space come here and even the talks are even done! Space listening, research is done in the “Area 51 Alien Center”, the 51st region alien center. Maybe we could meet but they could not see or did not appear to us.

We came to Bakers Field city late.


This is America, a large land of 9,834,000 km², where you can find a lot of special. In the Mariposa Forest area, we go to see the Redwood trees that grow only here. The redwood tree is the world’s longest-lived tree that can live for 3,500 years. In addition, it is very hard and durable, which means that the specific gravity is higher than other trees. The oldest body here is 10 meters in diameter, 65 meters in length and 3000 years in a sequoia, with an estimated weight of 550 ten. The oldest known Redwood is 3500 years old and weighs 600 tons. The woodland has suffered a major fire disaster in the recent past, and there are enough burned down trees.

Yosemite National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the world’s largest monolithic granite rock. Those who escaped or were expelled from Indian tribes living in other regions in the past gathered here to form a brutal aggressive tribe. The name comes from Yosemite, which means “killer” in Native American language. In ancient times, the rocks, which are under the pressure of large glacier masses, have formed shiny surfaces as a result of the melting of glaciers over time and shine under the sun. America’s highest waterfall falls from the middle of the valley. When the water is poured from this height, the scattered water emerges as the bridal veil, so “Bridalveil Fall” is called the Bridal Veil Waterfall.


We are located on one of America’s most beautiful cities, the Pacific Ocean, on the bumpy, meandering slopes of San Fracisco, which has an average temperature of 15-30 C in summer and winter. The street sign is on our eyes, the street we are on is Turkish Street. We like it. The red painted Golden Gate Bridge, which is the symbol of San Francisco Bay, looks very nice at night, especially if there is a huge full moon on the hill.

The streets that we know from light romantic American films are the symbolic architectural styles of Viktoria houses. From the top of the large park, people take pictures of these few remaining houses and watch them. We did what these people did, we photographed the houses of Viktoria, I do not know if we will have a chance to see again.

The second most populous place in the United States is the San Francisco, and when we did, we thought we had arrived in Chine Town. This is a place of descent, there is not much Chinese air, American places have been

Union square, the heart of this place, all the giant companies in the world about IT here. Real estate prices don’t seem to fit into your mouth. Where there are brands, no price competition. I’m not looking at the prices so my social morals don’t break. We walk around, here the streets of Istanbul worse than the slope, difficulties began ..

Nostalgic “cable car” cable tram is one of the symbols of this place. We waited so long since we’re going to the last stop. It works in the old traditional way, Vatman, standing right in the middle of the wagon with huge lever arms and controls it gently, there is no strain on the slopes. The number of seats hanging at the steps on the sides, you go sagging, purse seine, but at least I liked my pleasure. We arrived at the end of the half hour road, where there are fish restaurants on the ocean shore. Everything is fine, the weather has started to cool steadily frosty there, not much to circulate.

If fate carried us here, we hit the bottom of the night in a beautiful seafood restaurant!


One of the most important places in San Francisco is Stanford University, which is one of the most important places in the world in San Palo Alto. We visit this important educational institution.

An old couple in pale new outfits shyly enters the rectorate of Harvard University, the secretary interrupts this provincial couple and asks what they want. When the old man says that he wants to meet with the rector, the secretary tells him that he cannot see that he is too busy. Then the old woman says that we wait and they wait. Hours later, when the elderly couple stubbornly passed on to the rector, the rector asked what they wanted with a harsh expression, the old woman immediately intervened and said that she had lost her sons studying at Harvard University a year ago due to illness, and that their son loved this school and had a monument built in the name of this school. says what they want. Ektör If we were to build a monument for everyone, Harvard University would return to the cemetery ”, the old woman went on and said,“ Maybe we could build a building cevap. Ektör Do you know how much money a building is made, the last part was made for $ 7.5 million R, the rector said with a scorn. After the Rector’s reply, the old woman turned to her husband and said, ıy If it is so much money, why don’t we set up our own university?. Then they went to Palo Alto and founded the university that would live the name of their son forever. This elderly couple, Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford are the railroad boss.

Founded in 1891, Stanford University has 16,000 students and an annual budget of $ 27 billion. During the great crisis of America in 1929, many companies went bankrupt, production ceased, many well-educated people were unemployed. During this period, the rector of Stanford University encouraged the establishment of the Alumni Association and convinced its graduates to establish companies that would create technological innovations. This project gradually matures and establishes research companies especially in the field of computer technology. This is how the first formation of the silicon valley begins. Today, Silicon Valley is the region between the cities of San Francisco and San Jose, with 500-600 thousand inhabitants, the world’s giants conducting research on electronics and computers. Only Apple’s turnover is 137 billion dollars in 2018. Whichever figure you compare with whom it is. Stanford University is an important educational institution which is one of the first in the world in terms of these issues and it is an important university that feeds the silicon valley on technical staff. He has been awarded 32 Nobel prizes for his work to date. Here we are visiting this university, I don’t know what it is called, it is a place that smells like science and education.

Instead of religious education, positive science predominates and education is smooth when the mind is in the forefront, and the country is going forward with the people who grow up here.

The world has also taken the path of a barley through which the country is leading religious education, all in misery and poverty.

“No religion and belief can not agree with science.”

Have you ever heard; The Mufti of Edirne conducts scientific studies on cold fusion or the imam of the Kayseri Central Mosque in pursuit of innovations in space studies, the Archbishop of Vienna Cathedral Saturn on the dimensions of the planet, Vatican VI. The Pope received the Nobel Prize for his work on subatomic particles, Jerusalem Rabbi head continues to work on preventing climate change !!! You can’t hear the news. Religion and beliefs are for post-mortem situations, not the realities that exist. Is it very mosque built, to open educational institutions in a real positive sense?

“Religion and science always struggle against”

We go to the national park, where the world’s tallest trees are Redwood trees. These trees, which have a life span of 3500 years, can grow up to 130 meters in length. If you want to see the top of the tree, you can fall on your back. Reproduction of redwood trees continues in the protected forest area.

California is one of the best grape growing areas due to the weather climate, and the winemaking is very good. In this regard we said let’s make sure and we stopped by a wine tasting instead. We enjoy the evening accompanied by cheese from the grapes on their own vineyards on a large area.


Monterey, one of California’s seaside towns, is a charming, small original fishing town. It’s actually a place to enjoy, but we’re not here for dinner. I threw stones at the sea, maybe I wish to have a chance to eat fish here one day, I wanted, I do not interfere, I am curiously waiting for the result. The big ocean beaches whale watching tours caught my attention, so there are whale hunting places around here. If you stay here, it’s time.

Carmel is one of the most popular resort towns in the state of California. It’s a quiet place with beautiful shops. A quiet place with little wandering streets, noisier. Judging by the prices at the shops, it’s not a very cheap place. We watch the big waves of the ocean on the beach, after a while you feel the softening calming effect.

Road nr.  1 is a well-known road on the Pacific coast in western America. If you go south, if you go to Pategonia, which is the most tip of North America. As it follows the coast, a side with a slightly curvy, slightly harsh turn is usually an exciting cliff. The endless wave sounds of the ocean in my ear. Some places created insatiable beauties by eroding waves.

Hundreds of elephant elephants are sunbathing on the beach in San Simeon with their big fat body trunks. This is one of their gathering places, kebabs on the sands come to the sea then when they get hungry.

One of the best known places is William Randolph Hearts Castle. When the gold and silver mines were heard here in 1848, a large influx began. William’s father, George Hearts, also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, but it was a little late, and the quarries that had been easily removed from the gold and silver had begun to shut down. He buys a quarry that closes for the last opportunity. It soon became the richest silver deposit in the region and made big money. He sends his only son, William Randolph, to Europe to educate and improve his manners. After a while, William returns and becomes the head of the business. Behold, the world’s largest film company Metro Golden Mayer or, at the beginning of a big lion roar at the beginning of the film establishes him and is very successful. Later on, he earns a lot of money from every job he enters, and despite all the objections, he builds a magnificent castle almost at the top of a mountain. He becomes America’s richest, so that daily newspapers arrive on a private plane every day. Every week, guests are brought by private airplane to the wonderful invitations, all known artists and artists, politicians, businessmen are on the guest list and are eager to be invited here. Here today we are visiting this castle, used as a museum. William Randolpth Hearts Castle, where an average of thousands of jobs are visited every day, which does not end with a tour of the most expensive items from all over the world. Everything is perfect but no soul.


Santa Barbara is a neat, tidy clean seaside town. The last stop in Los Angeles. We are experiencing rapid weather changes, in Los Angeles at 30 degrees C in one hand sweater coats, in the other shorts shirt.

On the beaches of Los Angeles, we visit the coastal settlements such as Balbao Pier, New Port Beach, Huntinton Beach, Rendondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. Truly extremely tidy, clean well-kept quiet settlements. The beach on the beach to swim in the sea, because it provides opportunities for sports has made it more popular. After making our last polish with beer, potatoes, and with the sunset, we passed this day to eternity.

We have seen different beautiful places in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah in the western states of America, we have made six thousand kilometers of roads, time is right back home.


yours affectionately

Hayrettin KAGNICI

October 2019

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