After completing senior mechanical engineering education, he went into profession with the establishment of hisHayrettin Kağnıcıown company and offered services in CNC machines field for many years as theoretically and practically specialized notably in circular and band sawing along with metal cutting industry. He performed as an instructor in many educational instutions, companies and his articles have been published. As a company policy in his career, he also took a leading part in the industry with his principles and mottos like “there’s nothing we can’t cut” and “our target is to increase your competitive capacity”..

He believed the significance of non-governmental organizations in development of the country and he actively took charge in various non-governmental organizations since his college years. Among those, TUGIAD (Turkish Young Business Men Association), White Point Decent Society Decent Politics Association, TIAD (Machine Tools Business Men Association) are some of the fundamental associations in which he participated, along with many others that have crucial social content.

At leisure, stating his longstanding travel and photography passion at first as “ as occasion serves “, afterwards, he started to spare more time for this passion than used to. Hayrettin Kağnıcı, in over 100 countries to where he travelled, tried to capture the lives in different cultures and “ human “, that is focus of those lives, in his photographs. Regardless of the fact that people basically share the same biological features and basic emotions and behaviors like passion, joy, laughing, crying, happiness, breeding appear similar, that environment and cultural differences along with acquired values are as complicated and unfavorable as they resolve the societies, engaged his attention and interest. He tried to unveil these anthropological observations in his photographs. In other words, a value that is sacred and infinite in a society may become meaningless at some place else, on the contrary, a thing, which is good and lovely for someone, likely refer to bad and inelegant in a different place. He tries to take photographs of human that creates culture in different environments and shares his observations as “travel notes “.

Values, that make countries soulful, are civilizations and cultures that originate in those lands. Primary resource that generates these values is human as well. We are all informed about those times due to the achievements which people revealed in the past. Even today, we are fully astonished by some artifacts, considering the era in which they were made as in the Egyptian pyramids, Inca Empire and Maya civilization. All historical artifacts and sites are substantial, some of them are simply much more substantial. So, these sites and artifacts have been proclaimed as world heritage and put under protection by Unesco. In this gallery, I wanted to share photos of world heritage sites, artifacts and people living in that culture in some countries in the last decade. I titled the gallery “ World Heritage and Human” to this respect.


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